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People who care only about making the sale often offend the customer and end up losing it. Successful salespeople keep their eyes on both balls at the same time. Top salespeople have two qualities, empathy and ambition. The quality of empathy causes them to be sensitive to the best interests of their customers. The quality of ambition causes them to be focused on making the sales expected of them.

And they manage to keep these two qualities in balance.

11 Insanely Quick Tips to Close More Sales

They are both concerned about the customer and concerned about the sale. If you can eliminate these 5 common mistakes that sales people make during the sales process, then you can radically improve your sales results. If you enjoyed this article on sales techniques and how to close a sale, please share it with others right now!

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How to Influence People: Avoid 5 Common Mistakes Sales Success believe in yourself , fear of rejection , how to close a sale , how to influence people , sales techniques. Topics included in this article include: How to influence people Sales techniques How to close a sale. All Rights Reserved. Never present your proposal while you are standing. Sell on your feet close from your seat! Never talk about your proposal without presenting it in writing. Always present with a contract rather than with a conversation. Clearly ask for the order to close the sale.

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Make direct eye contact with your customer, be confident and determined to earn the business now not later. Practice this often so that you can maintain eye contact to close the sale. I have hundreds of little one-liners to relieve pressure and close the sale. You need to have closes for every possible stall and objection the buyer can throw at you. Never leave the buyer if possible. You want compression in the close so that the buyer cannot get away from the idea of making a decision. You ever missed a deal and then found someone else or some other condition to blame?

That is a false sense of your ability level—that is the ego that I am talking about. These are all indications of a salesperson that is trying to explain away a failed sale. We have all done it. The reality is if you are not taking responsibility for the outcome, learning something new each day and making adjustments to get better, then your ego is bigger than your paycheck. Your confidence can only grow out of certainty, not false confidence.

I talk to high performers all the time in my seminars who are at the very top of their industry, who have learned all they could but were still paying top dollar to attend my workshop and buy my products to stay in the game. They know that no ego, no self-entitlement, or a false sense of superiority is worth getting in the way of closing a deal. For those very reasons, those that lack the willingness to look at their deficiencies will always be trapped by their deficiencies.

We all must truthfully assess our strengths and weaknesses, otherwise, we will be unable to make the necessary adjustments to create continued levels of success. Due to a lack of successful techniques and closing resources, salespeople are unable to persist in the close. The fuel for the Closer is closes. To close successfully comes with practice, a focused mindset, and refined skills. Yay or nay? Yes or no?

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The next time you have a pitch or sales presentation, it might be valuable to take a page from my playbook. In this case to make an objection smaller or less important. TIP: Always reduce objections to smaller numbers. The buyer always focuses on big numbers and you should not! Once a buyer makes a decision, he almost always makes it go right. And when buyers are done buying something from you, they always spend more money with someone else. Your job is to justify and make sense of the figures so the buyer can say yes.

Notice in the video above I told him there is no more money for me to give him.

I did all I could, now it was on him to make a decision. Remember to always learn, drill and drill some more until you are comfortable with a variety of closes for any situation that comes up. I learned this close from a great closer in Mexico years ago while on vacation.

Help! I Can't Close Sales: 5 Ideas to Increase Your Close Ratio

I was torn between two products and Juan hit me with this close. It was great. I added it to my arsenal of closes and encourage you to try it. This close helps customers make a decision based on what they really want, which is what is most valuable to them. Today is the day to move on this. This close creates urgency and uses facts and figures and logic to help the buyer make a decision. When you use this close, the buyer quickly sees the need to sign the deal and get it done today. You make quality decisions and you know great quality costs money. You love this product. This close is strong because you are closing them on the product quality and the fact they want it before the price.

Help them get that quality product and out the door to enjoy it.

Six Infallible Tactics For Closing A Sale

The ability to close separates the dreamers from those who make dreams come true. Get used to closing others on your ideas. Many people ace the presentation and demonstration of a product or service and still fail to close the deal. Begin by taking my Negotiating and Closing Masterclass today. If you need an employee for 30 hours a week, it may be tempting to hedge your bets by hiring two workers for 15 hours a week. But in order to retain quality talent who can close sales, consider hiring one dedicated worker for 30 hours a week instead, and paying her or him a small commission on top of their hourly rate.

Look for individuals who have a passion for your industry, whether you own a clothing boutique or a hardware store, and try to hire social learners.

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Your staff should enjoy meeting new people, and come across as trustworthy and empathetic. A big part of retaining quality salespeople is rewarding them well, so make sure you have a way to track and reward your best employees. You should be mobile and ready to engage the sales process. Instead, wait fifteen seconds so they can decompress and take in their surroundings. Then approach them with a positive comment. But keep it light and upbeat.

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At its core, closing a sale is convincing another person to take a specific action. And studies have shown that the best way to do this begins with attunement. By listening closely to why the customer walked into your store, you can solve their problems with your products. Focus on the value of your products, not the price. The fact is, with the advent of online retail, most brick-and-mortar retailers cannot compete on price alone.

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What they lack is guidance. According to Inc.