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Not to mention extremely interesting, well-plotted and well-paced. Two thumbs up. And in this book the world of Creepy Hollow expands with new places, new players, new eccentricities, new cultural revelations and curiosities, new threats — the scope of the world has broadened considerably. Author: Rachel Morgan. Series: Creepy Hollow Book 2. My rating:. Rachel Morgan was born in South Africa and spent a large portion of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making. These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once more, writing fiction for young adults.

Hehe, thank you! Your reviews are always so totally pee-in-your-pants awesome!! And thank you so much for doing your own giveaway alongside my own. That is completely fabulous of you! Thank you! What a gorgeous cover, so mesmerizing. Ive gotten sucked into so many books just by a good looking cover lol. Thanks for the chance, hope you have a good week. Faeries have always intrigued me—add in the excitement of boys and being hunted down. What more could a reader want??

I just added it to my TBR shelf on goodreads:. Great giveaway! This book sounds really good!

The Faerie Tale Collection

Lovely review! This sounds so good! I like the simple yet beautiful cover. I also love the simple elegance of the cover!

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Wow, great review! I totally want to read this series Thanks for sharing! Refracted Light book review. Like this: Like Loading Comments Hehe, thank you! High praise, indeed. I just love your books so very much! I love the post. This sounds like a great read. Now shush. Now groom your coat and be off. There were other qualities to be admired in his Line; a sharp eye, a quick wit, and most of all, patience in the hunt.

Following the melody, he stalked his prey, slipping through the tangles and skirting the leaf litter without so much as a peep. There, before him, lay a rare sight; a grassy clearing on a lone knoll. And on this wayward bump a mushroom ring grew. In the midst of this mound, a troop of wee figures danced, no taller than his whiskers. Briar leaned over, sipped his ale, and rested his gaze upon the little one.

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Briar paused, and made a show of looking around the Taproom and over his shoulder. The Faerie Folk wheeled and drank and ate with abandon, faster and faster with each new song. And there Tabby stayed, watching the festivities silently, stubby tail twitching in anticipation, until the dawn light painted the tree tops.

At this, another of the folk put a horn to his mouth and blew a warning, whereupon all the figures disappeared underground into their hidden kingdom. The singing fellow was last, making sure that none of his people remained above. Briar could see that his pipe was struggling. He popped it in his mouth and took several intense draws. Nothing but mischief comes of it. So, the next eve, Tabby went back to the edge of the mushroom ring, and sure enough, the Faerie Folk were there, and the celebration was in full swing.

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  • The moon was full and bright, and Tabby was extra careful to keep low in the thick fiddleheads. As the night passed, the wee folk grew into a frenzy, drinking and spinning to nearly a one was left standing. And again, the horn sounded. The same secret path opened, and they picked themselves up, and slowly vanished from the surface. Though, he nearly did because that Faerie changed into a bloated, warty swamp toad. That toad leaped so high that Tabby almost did a flip holding onto him, landing sideways in a heaping thump.

    Taken By The Faerie Prince

    Tabby hissed at this unpleasantness, for a bite would be fatal. But still he clutched his prize.

    Faerie put his tricks aside, returning to his proper form, and tried talking a truce. And you, sir? Briar paused here, for a warning to the youngsters was in order.

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    Briar put his pipe in his mouth, and took a lingering draw, then gently exhaled the smoke. Then he took another. By now the girls had learned to keep silent. But that sun was rising higher and higher in the sky, and Aubron was pacing back and forth, faster and faster. As Prince of the Faerie Folk, his magic was powerful.