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Through a network of localised regions and nationally staged events, the MPA brings photographers together from all disciplines to fulfil its mission:. A voice that is new, different, inspirational or simply needs to be heard.

The first step towards becoming a Qualified Photographer is to become a Certified Professional photographer. Work towards your MPA qualification.

Whether you've just started your photographic business or are ready for qualification, this is step one. The most valuable qualification in the photographic industry. Students will form collaborative teams and work towards a funded graduation project. These final thesis films will be expected to perform at first-tier international film festivals.

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Teaching on the programme will be supplemented by a comprehensive course of professional practice preparation, involving industry professionals from all over Europe, including production and craft specialists, distributors, festival programmers, financiers, lawyers and casting directors. Application Form. The teaching is unique for a film making MA in that it is split between three different film schools in three different European states:.

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Screen Academy Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland.