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In early September , residents in Ottawa, Canada, spotted a few raccoons staggering around in the daylight and grew panicky enough to call the cops. He was dragging his legs, he was wobbling, having a hard time standing up," one resident told CBC News. As it turns out, these normally nocturnal animals weren't dangerous or rabid; they had simply gotten drunk from eating too many fermented crab apples. Over the next few days, the sight of drunken raccoons stumbling around and passing out on people's property became all too common. He suggested to leave the critters alone and let them sleep off their hangover.

In , at Baker Lake Resort in Washington State, NBC News reported that a black bear drank 36 cans of local Rainier beer and one can of Busch which the surprisingly snobbish bear was not a fan of after breaking into a camper's cooler. Fish and Wildlife agents found the bear passed out, and when it awoke, it climbed up a tree only to fall asleep again. The next day, the agents humanely trapped the bear using doughnuts, honey, and, yes, more Rainier, and relocated it away from the campsite.

In October , Gilbert, Minnesota, residents reported that robins and other birds seemed to be inebriated, because they kept flying into windows, acting confused, crashing into car windshields, and just generally flopping around. The story about these seemingly drunk birds soon went viral , even though experts stated that it was a little early in the season for the berries that the birds were eating to become fermented. But before they were released, they had to pass the bird equivalent of a roadside sobriety test.

In July , Metro reported that more than 30 seagulls on the beaches near Somerset, England, got drunk on either leftover booze humans abandoned or from ingesting a grain from nearby breweries. Either way, for two weeks RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals centers in Somerset, Devon, and Dorset collected the alcohol-reeking birds, one of which drunkenly vomited on a firefighter who was carrying it to get treatment. In , the Independent reported a feral pig stole and drank three six-packs of beer from a riverside campsite in Port Hedland, Australia.

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While intoxicated, the pig ransacked trash bins and then supposedly picked a fight with cow. The pig then took a swim in a river and slept off its drunkenness under a tree. In Anchorage, Alaska, a moose named Buzzwinkle became famous for causing chaos during the holiday season, the Anchorage Daily News reported. It started when he got his antlers tangled in a set of LED Christmas lights that adorned a public holiday tree display. When he got himself free, he trotted through traffic near Town Square Park, still dragging some of the lights behind him. By this point, he appeared disoriented, just staring into the void and snorting out steam.

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In August , thousands of wasps got drunk on the nectar of fermented fruit and cider from beer gardens in the UK. Wasps can be dangerous on their own, but a drunken wasp? Watch out. The wasps were in search of sugar—by the summer, work and food are scarce for wasps—and just one sip of cider or beer can get them sloshed. In , the local news in Sweden reported that five drunken, belligerent elk were preventing a resident from entering his home.

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The culprit was again fermented apples, which had fallen from a tree on the homeowner's property. Inside there are windows on all sides which makes it so light and airy. I recommend an eye mask for those sensitive to the morning light since the lace curtains… Read more. Lori's place is truly one of the most peaceful, beautiful and thoughtful location we have visited.

Try to arrive early before dark, Lori was very supportive of us even though we arrived late and was really kind!! Thank you Lori for bringing us closer to nature!! Hosted by Lori. Interaction with guests is very minimal.

Check in time is really the only interaction. Response time: within an hour. Learn more. The neighborhood. Things to keep in mind. House Rules. Pets are allowed. Read all rules. House rules. Cancellation policy. The Thirteen must learn to use their natural talents to navigate the treacherous secrets they have only just begun to uncover. This volume contains Season One stories in the order they were originally published at the companion website www. Because being a Gaea is nothing if not complicated.

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But, when thirteen high school seniors come into their full powers as Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Time Gaeas, they begin to uncover a depth of deception surrounding them that may tear some of them apart. The secrets revealed will shake them to their very foundations, and just when these friends need to trust each other the most, they will end up keeping secrets from each other. With Gaea abilities that range from astral projection to firestarting to time travel and a whole lot in between, the Thirteen must learn to protect themselves.

They should be focused on college acceptance letters, but planning for their future involves Armors teaching them martial arts and swordplay. Instead of learning from a history text, they are learning the intricacies of time travel from a legendary eccentric named Amyntas. With each discovery, from Gaea genetics to ancient prophecies, to what it means to become bonded as a Tempus and Solus, the stakes get higher.


This volume contains Season Two stories in the order they were originally published at the companion website www. The Ravens Crossing Giveaway! To enter the drawing, please leave a comment below along with your email address. Penumbra March 25, at PM.

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